Data driven optimization and standardizaion

The SoftSeaweed platform is called Soft Insight!

By collecting and structure data, both local SoftSense sensor data, manual user added data and third-party data, we are able to enter the prediction and risk management with AI technology.

Risk Management

With the Dashboard solution you will always have the historical data available, including time-critical information, while at the same time being able to evaluate and understand the field historical data. Both equipment monitoring and seaweed monitoring, the Dashboard provide the overview without needing to always spend time at the farm in the field.

The farm in your pocket

With our SmartPhone App you will always stay in touch with your seaweed farm. With the SmartPhone App you will be able to get instant overview 24/7 and take action when needed. It is about being flexible without losing the control of the assets in the always dynamic maritime environment.


When collection data timeseries from your personal farm, we are designing prediction models that will help you in your decisions, planning and risk management. As you keep collecting historical data, the model will constantly improve. You are training your own model with your own data to fit your individual farm at your unique location.


Intrested in our technology?

Reach out to learn more. We are eager to talk to passionate seaweed enthusiasts and have a drive for supporting the industry in standardization and industrialization.