Monitor your seaweed farm, reduce costs and predict yield!

About SoftSeaweed

SoftSeaweed was established in 2021 in Norway by an international team of people with long experience in the seaweed industry, engineering, management consulting, IT and agriculture.

Our vision is to support the seaweed farmers to develop their business in a sustainable and profitable way. We believe our software solution can contribute to this.

Software solutions

Starter kit

Our starter kit includes plug & play sensors to be deployed on your seaweed farm, together with our software where you can monitor your seaweed farm from land

Advanced Software

Our advanced software includes a full ERP-system as well as more complex sensor technology that in addition to growth also monitors your cultivation rig and alert you in case of damages. 

The value we create for seaweed farmers

SoftSeaweed assists the seaweed farmer in planning and executing daily operations, monitors the status on cultivation rig, mooring system and the environment at sea, as well as predicts the yield and ideal harvest time.

Through various data sources, including historical data and satelite data, our platform moreover provides reports on site selection, farm valuation and certifications.

Our software: 

  • Reduce the need for manual operations
  • Less errors in the daily operations
  • Better control of the quality & quantity of seaweed growth​
  • Predictable biomass calculation and cashflow​
  • Easier to find optimal cultivation sites
  • Reports and data for various licenses and valuations

Reports on demand

Site selection reports

Valuation reports

Certification reports

Various reports for authorities

Our Team


CEO & co-founder

Anton has more than 19 years of experience in business development and project management in aquaculture, IT and O&G, as well as in the seaweed and microalgae industry.



CCO & founder

Morten is a serial entrepreneur with focus on aqua-innovation. Long experience in seaweed farming and seaweed equipment for the industry.



CTO & partner

Knut has expert knowledge in hardware sensor systems, cloud technology, IoT cellular connectivity, and has a proven track record in strategic work within large corporations and startups across various industries.



Software Lead

Gordon has excessive experience with development of both hardware and software for marine sensoring tehcnology and platforms for seaweed farming.

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