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SoftSeaweed believe technology is the key to optimize your seaweed investments. With our solutions we will contribute to standardization industrialization of the seaweed industry.

Our solution reduce costs and optimize production!

About the company

SoftSeaweed was established in 2021 in Norway by an international team of people with long experience in the seaweed industry, engineering, management consulting, IT and agriculture.
Our vision is to support the seaweed farmers to develop their business in a sustainable and profitable way. We believe our software solution can contribute to this.

Stein Egil Liland, Pexels

Soft Seaweed solution

The "SoftSense" sensor and the "SoftInsight" platform

The SoftSense is a two section smart sensor. With the rechargable battery, we measure possition, movement, salinity, light and temperature, all key parameters for your seaweed farm. More sensors are on the way!

As the sensor can use both cellular aod satellite communication, you will alwaus be able to trust the sensor to provide you with the latests upates from the field.

The  SoftInsight is yur seaweed platform. The platform collect and securily store your seaweed data in the cloud. SoftInsight enable you to  monitor and analyse sensor data with 3rd party data, and prepare you for cloud technology.

You will have acces both through the web Dashboard service and a SmartPhone App, securing you to always have access to your digital farm.

Our Team

SoftSeaweed believe that the team is the company's foundation. With a strong team we can build a strong business and a strong product. Our core competence reflect our ambitious targets; standardisation and industrialization of the seaweed industry!

Anton Voskoboynikov

CEO & co-founder,

Anton has more than 20 years of experience in business development and project management in aquaculture, IT and O&G, as well as in the seaweed and microalgae industry.

Morten Kroslind

CCO & co-founder,

Morten is a serial entrepreneur with focus on aqua-innovation. Long experience in seaweed farming and seaweed equipment for the industry.


Gordon Klaus

SW Lead,

Gordon has excessive experience with development of both hardware and software for marine sensoring tehcnology and platforms for seaweed farming.



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